About Us

we believe that we can change the world together


Puro Love Helping Families is a nonprofit charity that helps families in need. We provide financial assistance, resources, and support to families who are struggling to make ends meet. We believe that every family deserves to live a life of dignity and respect, and we are committed to helping those who need it most.

We were founded by a family who wanted to make a difference in the lives of families across the globe. Since then, we have helped thousands of families get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. We are 100% funded by donations from businesses and individuals like you.

How we help families support themselves

By helping families start their own business and teaching them to run it successfully, they can now support themselves and help others in the process.

Helping families is our purpose, and our passion

Thank you for considering us as your charitable donation recipient. Your support will make a life changing difference in the lives of the families we serve.

Meet The Team

Dan Martin

Volunteer Program Manager

Daybis Vargas

Event Coordinator

Sandra Bernal

Community Resource Manager

Juan Camilo

Volunteers Manager

Steven Cavadias

Director of Financial Services

Juliet Pauline